Forex Rate Influence Side By Side Refrigerator

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Forex rate influence to side by side refrigerator

Dear customers, dear friends,

We think you've also noticed the fluctuated rate of US dollar for these days. 

To be specific, USD/CNY has changed from approx.6.96 at the beginning of 2017 to approx.6.25 at lowest this month.

That means around 10.20% increasing trend of CNY as well as extra cost for us.

Below chart is from our evaluation team for your better understanding.

trend 2.png


Hope above information is useful for you to consider future plans as it may last for a relatively long time, we think. Later, the price of raw materials, homeappliance products and cost for all business procedures will be influenced more. And our financial and management department have begun adjustment of strategies related to production, logistics and etc.


We are open for discussion if you have any questions.

Vestar International Industry Co.,Ltd.

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