Mineral Oil--LUBIL GS Series

Mineral Oil--LUBIL GS Series
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Mineral Oil--LUBIL GS Series

LUBIL Mineral Oil GS Series

Professional refrigeration lubricant oil for refrigerator, freezer, air-conditioner, Corresponding HCFC refrigerant R22 and natural refrigerant R600a

1. Applications

◎It plays optimum performance in the refrigeration system of the air-conditioner, refrigerator, freezer etc. And it is the first premium refrigeration lubricant oil in the world.

◎It is suitable to work with HCFC refrigerant (R22, R502), natural refrigerant (R600.R717.R290) and CFC refrigerant (R12)... etc.

◎Optional viscidity range: SO VG12_VG100

◎It is available for various type of compressor, such as reciprocating , rotary, scroll, screw, centrifugal etc.

2. Characteristics:

◎It is refined from the selected naphthene based on crude oil through special processing and has superior lubricity, chemical stability. Low temperature properties and excellent compatibility of medium and so on, thus it could keep the refrigeration system stable for a long time.

Typical technical data



15℃ g/cm3

ASTMD 12500.8940.9020.9090.9150.921
Color ASTMASTMD 1500L0.5L0.5L0.5L1.0L1.0


40℃ mm2/s





Flash Point


pour point ℃ASTMD97-47.5-45-40-35-27.5

Total Acid 

Number mgKOH/g

Aniline point ℃ASTMD61172.873.575.479.880.4
Moisture  ppmASTMD49282020202020
Floc point℃ ANS1/ASHRAE86-53-54-55-46-35

*Available packing:1L, 3.78L,10L,20L, 200L drums.

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