Synthetic Oil PAG Type-- LUBIL PAG Series

Synthetic Oil PAG Type-- LUBIL PAG Series
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Synthetic Oil PAG Type-- LUBIL PAG Series

LUBIL Synthetic Oil PAG Series

Synthetic oil special for Car air-conditioner, corresponding HFC refrigerant R134a

1. Applications

◎it's advanced synthetic oil which plays optimal performance in the refrigeration system of car air-conditioner.

◎it's suitable to work with HFC refrigerant R134a.

2. Characteristics:

◎it's based on the PAG (Polyalkylene Glycol)and has good compatibility with refrigerant R134a.

◎it has superior lubricity, chemical stability, moisture decomposition stability and low temperature fluidity.

Thus it could keep the refrigeration system stable for a long time.

◎it is recommended and used by the main manufacturers of refrigerator and refrigeration equipment from China, Japan and others countries.

Typical technical data

Density 15℃g/cm3 ASTMD40521.0151.048
Color ASTM ASTMD1500   L0.5LO.5
Viscidity40℃mm2/sASTMD445  56.494.8
flash pointCOC℃ASTMD92234246
pour point℃ASTMD97-40-42.5
Acid ua/ue mgKOH/gASTMD9740.40.4
Moisture ppmASTMD49285050

*Available packing: 1L, 3.78L, 20L, 200L drums, 3.78L packing available for Lubil PAG56.

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