R407C Boyard Rotary Compressor QXC-16K2FN1 QXC-21K4DN1 QXC-33K5DS1 QXC-41K6BT1

R407C Boyard Rotary Compressor QXC-16K2FN1 QXC-21K4DN1 QXC-33K5DS1 QXC-41K6BT1
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R407C Boyard Rotary compressor QXC-16K2FN1 QXC-21K4DN1 QXC-33K5DS1 QXC-41K6BT1


BOYARD Industry-leading supplier of compressors.

Companies in the manufacturing process of strict product quality, building all the equipment from raw materials to the whole process of production of factory quality control. Details quality data recording equipment and the factory at the destination, to ensure the quality of products, to facilitate timely follow-up service. Company in order to safeguard the interests of users, combined with the market economic development, the establishment of a set of comprehensive after-sales service system:

1, the company sold products to the commissioning, training of operators, equipment maintenance, and teach the basic professional knowledge.

2, the company sells the product with regular telephone follow, regular staff to track the service.

2. R407C Boyard Rotary compressor include below models,





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