R134A LG Rotary Compressor EK086P EK120P EJ282P EP349P

R134A LG Rotary Compressor EK086P EK120P EJ282P EP349P
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R134A LG Rotary compressor EK086P EK120P EJ282P EP349P

1. Introduction 

The cooling efficency of a compressor is of vital importance to ensuring reliability and efficiency. The LG Series compressors use an advanced design axial fan. The fan blade-end tip angle is designed to maximize the air volumetric flow rate cooling the high temperature lubricant oil and compressed air. A large surface area cooler with optimal fin design has been included to provide maximum cooling and longer operating life.

Main feature:

Environmentally friendly

Smaller compressor dimensions or smaller displacements  possible

Low noise level, innovative compressor technology

Compact start equipment 

Low energy consumption

High thermal working conditions 

High product quality

Wide voltage range

2. R134A LG Rotary compressor include below models,





3.Main parameter

4.Our factory 



5.Our Equipment & Facilities



6.Packing Overview



7.Loading Process



8. FAQ

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