R407C Rechi Rotary Compressor 39C172B 39C123B 39C143B 39C163B

R407C Rechi Rotary Compressor 39C172B 39C123B 39C143B 39C163B
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R407C Rechi Rotary compressor 39C172B 39C123B 39C143B 39C163B


R407C rotary compressor is used for general Air-Conditioner and some for Heat-Pump Dryer and tropical Air-Conditioner.

For constant-speed compressor, power supply includes 115v/60hz, 208-230v/60hz, 220-240v/50hz,100/100-110v,50/60hz, 200/200-220v 50/60hz.  Compressor cooling capacity range is 4920BTU-16805BTU.  Testing Condition: ASHRAE/T.

For DC inverter compressor,  the cooling capacity is 4660-6050BTU.

Product characteristics:

Low compressor vibration and noise

High compressor efficiency

Soft start-up control to rlower shaking and noise during compressor starting and increase compressor life time.

Torque control to restrain compressor vibration.

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