ZB Series Copeland Compressor ZB15KQ ZB19KQ ZB21KQ ZB26KQ ZB29KQ

ZB Series Copeland Compressor ZB15KQ ZB19KQ ZB21KQ ZB26KQ ZB29KQ
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ZB Series copeland compressor ZB15KQ ZB19KQ ZB21KQ ZB26KQ ZB29KQ

1. Introduction

The Copeland Scroll compressor is the result of large scale research and development efforts underway since 1979. These efforts have led to the production of the most advanced scroll compressor design currently available for air-conditioning, heat pump and medium temperature applications.


1. Lower sound

2. Superior efficiency and reliability

3. Advanced design

4. Longer lifetime

5. That is compact and pleasant looking .

6. Feature box type structure with hermetic compressor.

7. Results in no vibration and low noise .

8. They can be used in home,hotels, restaurants, medicines, agricutureral, chemicals industries all other place where cold storage is needed.

2. ZB Series copeland compressor include below models,ZB15KQ 








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4.Our factory 



5.Our Equipment & Facilities



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7.Loading Process



8. FAQ

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